Memorial Hospital of Carbon County is now offering a special, professional development program that provides  additional opportunities to newly licensed Registered Nurses!

Applications are now open!

Summer 2021 Cohort –with tentative application date opening on May 3 –June 1, 2021. Hiring department conversation June 21-July 1st. Summer 2021 Cohort–with tentative start date July 26th.

Registered Nurse
Sign-On: Associates – $5,000
Bachelor’s – $7,000
Relocation: $2,000

What is the Nurse Residency Program?

The Nurse Residency Program is Memorial Hospital of Carbon County’s investment in you and your nursing professional development as well as the future of healthcare in rural America. Our program provides an opportunity for new nurse graduates to be supported and integrated into the hospital culture as they transition from student to Registered Nurse. The program offers an extended preceptorship, as well as multiple seminars that help to assimilate the new Nurse Residents into the hospital ethos, and grow them into capable nurses. The Nurse Residency seminars are based around critical thinking, professional development, skill development, therapeutic relationships, team building, and energy management. The blending of ongoing mentorship with skill and competency building, fosters a connection to their employment and their peers bridging the gap from student to Registered Nurse.

Program Objectives:

  • Transition from an entry-level, advanced beginner nurse to competent nurse who provides safe, quality care
  • Develop effective decision-making skills related to clinical judgment and performance
  • Develop strategies to incorporate quality improvement and other evidence into practice
  • Develop clinical leadership skills at the point of patient care
  • Formulate an individual career plan that promotes a lifelong commitment to the profession of nursing.

The Nurse Residency Program is a six month-long program that includes:

  • Paid one-to-one Preceptor- New Graduate orientation experience on the clinical unit you are hired to.
  • Specialty training designed for new Registered Nurses in the settings of classroom, skills lab, simulation lab, and sometimes even outdoors.
  • Paid Nurse Residency sessions provided by subject matter experts.
  • Participation in an evidence-based learning project in which you have the opportunity to better patient care, learn more about your resources, and improve nursing practice within the organization.
  • The same medical, dental, vision, retirement, short-term disability (etc.) benefits that are offered to every other MHCC employee. Memorial Hospital of Carbon County

Why choose to participate in the Nurse Residency Program?

Memorial Hospital of Carbon County Nurse Residency Program is developed by experts in the Nursing profession. The program is designed to effectively support new Graduate Nurses as they transition into their first professional roles as Registered Nurses in the acute care or specialty setting in a supportive, educational setting.

Do I qualify to apply for the Nurse Residency Program?

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Graduated, or soon to graduate, from an accredited school of Nursing (BSN, ADN, Diploma, or Accelerated)
  • Less than a year of employment in the position of an RN
  • Successful completion of the NCLEX-RN prior to start date
  • Current unencumbered Compact RN License that covers the state of WY

How do I apply to the Nurse Residency Program?

Before submitting your application to the Nurse Residency Program, please complete the following steps:

1. Create a cover letter for your resume that includes the following information:

a. Your name, address, phone number, and email address;
b. Your Nursing Degree Type (ADN, Co-Enrolled in BSN Program, BSN, MSN);
c. Cumulative Nursing School GPA;
d. What units/departments you are interested in working;
e. What knowledge set, skill set, and attitudes do you have that would make you a valuable member of your desired areas;

Please note: If you select ICU, ED, or Women and Children’s as your top choices of placement, be aware that these are highly desired areas with very limited positions.

2. Collect any letters of recommendation from clinical instructors, preceptors, or current
supervisors (please limit to 3 max);

3. Required documents include the following:  Cover letter, letters of recommendation, resume, and unofficial transcript. Questions about the application process should be directed to Keishah Edwards, Recruiter, at or 307-324-8377.

4. Complete the online Nurse Residency Application.

a. Go to
b. Selection ‘Careers’ from the menu at the top of the page
c. Click on ‘Current Job Openings’ (right column)
d. Scroll through to the bottom of the page to view open positions
e. Click on the open position title ‘RN Nurse Resident’

***Only complete applications that have included the documents mentioned above will be considered***

What should I expect once I’ve submitted my application?

  • After you submit your application you will receive a confirmation email from the organization verifying that your application has been submitted. Please continue to check your email frequently through this process.
  • Approximately one week after the application has closed, selected candidates will be contacted to schedule an interview. If you were not selected for an interview, correspondence may be sent via email.
  • In the event that you are chosen for an interview you will be sent a confirmation email with the time and date of your interview as well as directions to the location of you interview via email.
  • If you are selected for a position at MHCC you will need to take time to read the Nurse Residency Contract before your start date.