“My two sons were born at one special hospital.”

After the birth of her first son, Treston (right), Courtney Ney (middle) and her husband, Tim, wanted a second child. When they realized they might need some help, they chose Dr. Charles Cunningham, a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist with Memorial Hospital of Carbon County.

Because Courtney was also experiencing pain and bleeding, Dr. Cunningham performed laparoscopic surgery to diagnose the problem. It revealed that Courtney had endometriosis, a painful disorder that can also cause infertility. Dr. Cunningham removed as much of the endometriosis as possible. Several months after the surgery, he referred Courtney to an infertility specialist, and two months after that, she was pregnant. “We owe Dr. Cunningham all the thanks in the world!” Courtney says. “He never gave up on us.”

Truan (left) was born on November 4, 2018 at Memorial Hospital of Carbon County. “The entire experience was awesome, and I have so many people to thank,” Courtney says. “Jessica Seldomridge and Brittany Bracken are phenomenal nurses. They both did absolutely everything to give me the best experience and worked continuously to help Truan latch and breastfeed. Nicki Thorn was always there for me, and Patty Robertson helped me after I returned home. Emily Weber works in the hospital’s business office and was so patient helping me understand my insurance. Thanks to Dr. Cunningham, his staff and the amazing OB nurses, I now have my perfect little boy, and my family is complete!”