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Joan Johnson MD

Family Practice—Obstetrics
Address Women\\\’s Health Center 2221 W. Elm Street Rawlins WY 82301 Address Spruce Medical Clinic 1016 Spruce Street Rawlins WY 82301 Phone: 307-324-9098 Fax: 307-324-8236 Phone: 307-324-8494 Fax: 307-324-8496
Photo of Joan Johnson MD


Photo of Joan Johnson MD

ABFM Board Certified

Medical Degree: Georgetown University School of Medicine

Joan Johnson, MD, received her medical degree at Georgetown University School of Medicine, performed a surgical residency at the Medical College of Georgia and a Family Medicine Residency through the Heritage Valley Family Medicine Residency Program.

She is a Family Medicine provider with a specialized emphasis in obstetrics. She is specially-trained to care for patients of all ages, providing services including well woman exams, sports physicals, general wellness exams, pregnancy testing, birth control and much more.