From L to R: Kaare Kolstad, MD; Orthopedic Surgeon; Jean Guy, patient

I finally found relief for my knee pain thanks to Dr. Kolstad and MHCC!

For almost six years, Jean Guy (right) had been living with pain in both of her knees. “It was bone-on-bone,” says Jean, a licensed physical therapist at Memorial Hospital of Carbon County. “It was time to do something.”

To choose her doctor, Jean did her due diligence before selecting Dr. Kaare Kolstad (left), a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with Memorial Hospital of Carbon County. “I have complete confidence in Dr. Kolstad,” Jean says. “Plus, as a physical therapist, I had worked with several of Dr. Kolstad’s patients and had always been impressed by how well they did during rehab.”

The partial knee replacement surgery (on both knees) took place on September 12, 2019. “All of my care teams were great!” says Jean. “From my surgical prep and surgery team to the nurses who took care of me during my three-night stay, everyone was kind, supportive, and knew exactly what they were doing.”

According to Jean, the surgery has made a huge difference in her life. “Before the surgery, my pain was seven or eight on a scale of 10 when I got up in the morning,” she says. “Now, just two months later, it’s down to a two. I’ve gotten my full range of motion back as well. I just can’t find enough good adjectives to describe how wonderful my care teams were and how grateful I am today.”