“We chose one special place to have these two special babies.”

For Jessica and Travis Schinkel, the decision to have their twins delivered at Memorial Hospital of Carbon County was easy. “We knew our babies were due in March, when both the weather and the roads can be bad,” Jessica says. “We just didn’t want to be forced to drive one or two hours when Memorial Hospital is so close.”

Convenience wasn’t the only reason the Schinkels chose Memorial Hospital of Carbon County. “I felt so comfortable with our obstetrician, Dr. Charles Cunningham,” Jessica says. “He’s awesome. I’m so thankful he was there for my babies. He’s such a professional, and he never made us feel anxious about having twins. I always knew I was in excellent hands.”

It was total team effort to deliver the twins. The anesthesiologist returned to the hospital in the middle of the night to provide another epidural for Jessica. One nurse, who had finished her shift and gone home, came back to the hospital when she heard Jessica was about to deliver. “I knew many of the nurses who helped with the delivery, so I felt like I was surrounded by friends,” Jessica says.

Today Delaney (left) and Declan (right) are happy and healthy. At nine months old, they weighed 18 and 20 pounds respectively. “I’m so glad we chose Memorial Hospital of Carbon County,” Jessica says. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”