Dr. Chris Williams has announced that he will be leaving his current role as a family practice provider for Memorial Hospital’s Saratoga based clinic in order to help extended family.

Joining Memorial Hospital of Carbon County in 2020, Williams quickly developed a rapport with community members throughout the Platte Valley and other areas of Carbon County as well, earning a reputation for excellence in his approach to patient-centered care.

“My family and I have been honored to work with MHCC and the wonderful people of Carbon County. We have loved the people here and the exceptional opportunities. We are saddened to leave to fulfill responsibilities with extended family and personal needs but are hopeful that we will be able to return to the Valley to practice among such wonderful people in the future.” said Dr. Williams.

William’s last day for patient care will be July 25th, 2024. Future plans for the MHCC Health Center are currently underway, including considerations for new providers to meet patient needs. Details surrounding provider recruitment will be shared as available.

Community members seeking medical care are encouraged to contact the MHCC Health Center-Platte Valley at 307-326-3580 for information on scheduling and referrals. Prescription refills should continue to be made through your pharmacy. All records will be maintained and will continue to be available through Memorial Hospital of Carbon County.