At the July 25th regularly scheduled meeting, the Board of Trustees of Memorial Hospital unanimously approved a decision to begin the process of acquiring or constructing a primary care medical facility in the Platte Valley. The hospital’s goal is to provide local, outstanding outpatient primary care through clinical services to the residents of the Platte Valley. Board member Jason Campbell, a longtime resident of Saratoga said, “Memorial Hospital of Carbon County has played an important role in our family’s health for many years. I am pleased to play a part in bringing those same resources to my hometown and the Platte Valley”.

The Board is striving for reliable and consistent access to a full range of medical professionals. This includes Family Practice Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses and Medical Assistants. Bob Quist, Hospital Chief Executive Officer, stated, “With the increasing number of patients being seen in our clinics from the Platte Valley, this is a wonderful way to better serve our patients”. The county Hospital’s plan is to extend their present clinic network into the Platte Valley with a full staff to include a doctor. MHCC’s clinic network currently serves over 2,100 patients annually from the Platte Valley and a local clinic will bring this care closer to Valley residents.

“We are pleased that we are in a strong financial position to bring hospital and clinic services to this part of our county,” added the CEO. MHCC recognizes the citizens of the Platte Valley as being a vital part of Carbon County and having direct, nearby access to excellent medical care is an essential need for the community. In an effort to coordinate health services in Saratoga, MHCC will move forward with a proposal to the City of Saratoga to lease or purchase the current clinic. Mr. Quist also emphasized that the Hospital would welcome discussions with the present clinic operator in Saratoga to explore to a coordinated approach to the clinic management.

Established in 1972, Memorial Hospital of Carbon County is a general acute care facility offering a full range of services to the citizens of Carbon County.