“After 25 years, I’ve finally gotten my allergies under control!”

– Patty Pedersen

Patty Pedersen had been suffering from allergies since her early 40s. “I would hack and cough so much, my siblings wouldn’t want to talk to me on the phone,’says Patty. “But the only allergy testing I knew of was out of town, a two-hour drive one way, and to me, that’s just too much time and effort to get a shot once a week.” Fortunately, this summer, Patty found the help she needed after attending an allergy webinar at Memorial Hospital of Carbon County. She then was tested at the hospital’s new Allergy Clinic. “I found out that I’m allergic to sagebrush here in Wyoming,” says Patty. “Go figure! I’m also allergic to dogs, and I have two Corgis and watch my son’s Labradors.”

Today, Patty sees Dr. Gary Mikesell, a board-certified family practice physician, once a week for her allergy shot. “He’s top-notch!” she says. “And so is the Allergy Clinic. The service is professional, the staff is kind, and getting an appointment is easy. The shots have really made a big difference. Once again, Memorial Hospital of Carbon County has helped me and my family like it has so many times in the past. I really trust the nurses and doctors there, and I’m so thankful for everything they do. Without the Allergy Clinic, I’d still be coughing and hacking every day!”