You Can Find Relief at MHCC Allergy Clinic!

If you suffer from seasonal or year-round allergy issues, you are not alone!

MHCC Allergy Clinic brings hope and relief to allergy sufferers across Carbon County and beyond with customized allergy treatment solution plans!

Housed at MHCC Family Practice Clinic, our Allergy Clinic functions under the oversight of a licensed Allergist and Immunologist and under the supervision of the Allergy Services of America (ASA) Director. This partnership enables us to offer a complete spectrum of allergy testing and immunotherapy for our patients, including identifying allergens specific to the Rocky Mountain region, which provides staff with invaluable information as they create a plan unique to each patient. Best of all, in-house testing eliminates the need to wait for outsourced test results!

Additionally, hometown providers Dr. Gary Mikesell and Peggy Lake, APRN-C, oversee the daily operations of the clinic and work closely with patients to identify concerns, provide a swift diagnosis, and offer customized treatment solutions, all in the safety and comfort of a trusted environment – right here, close to home.

For more information call us today! 307-324-8494