“I needed help ASAP, so I trusted MHCC.”

– Ashley Knutson

When the pain started, Ashley Knutson thought it was just a stomach bug. But when her discomfort was still there the next morning, she went to see board-certified OB/GYN Dr. Vicki Macy. During her visit, Ashley became severely ill. “It’s hard to describe how bad the pain got, and then I started running a high fever,” Ashley says.

Ashley spent several hours in Radiology while tests including bloodwork, an ultrasound and a CT Scan were run. During this time the radiology staff was very attentive and compassionate and Dr. Macy also checked in on her often. As the hours passed, her condition began to worsen and Ashley started going into shock, at which point the CT Scan finally revealed that she had acute appendicitis, a life-threatening swelling of the appendix.

Ashley was wheeled into the ER, where Dr. John Lumb, general surgeon with Memorial Hospital of Carbon County, performed the emergency appendectomy. During her overnight stay at the hospital, Ashley was impressed with the care provided by the nurses. “They were wonderful, always checking on me and very attentive to my needs,” she says.

According to Ashley, everybody at the hospital went above and beyond the call of duty. “Dr. Macy really pushed both radiology and the lab to get my work done as quickly as possible,” she says. “And Dr. Lumb cancelled all of his appointments to perform my surgery. I truly believe that the care I received was much better than I would have received at a bigger hospital. That’s the reason I’m such a strong supporter of Memorial Hospital of Carbon County.”