The Physical Therapy Department at Memorial Hospital of Carbon County can help you prevent injury, maintain function, or regain function lost due to an illness or injury.

Our services include:

Job placement assessment. An evaluation of physical capabilities to determine whether a future employee is appropriately able to complete tasks necessary for a position.

Education. Educational programs are designed to teach proper body mechanics and compensatory techniques to help prevent injuries.

Physical therapy. An active, aggressive approach to rehabilitation including modalities, exercise and manual techniques.

Reconditioning. A one- to two-hour daily regimen for clients who have been physically unable to work for less than two months.

Advanced rehabilitation. An exercise regimen that takes place after the first phase of therapy ends and is designed to restore a high level of activity and function.

Work hardening. A program that simulates real work tasks, which are broken down for training in their component parts. Workers gradually increase training time from 2- to 8- hour days to prepare for resuming normal work activities.

Special purpose assessment. A conclusive test used along with a job analysis to determine the client’s progress and assess whether he or she is physically capable to return to previous work.

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A doctor’s referral is required to receive physical therapy. Call us for more information.
Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.