Great News for Medicare Patients!

The MHCC ChartSpan® Chronic Care Management Program provides support 24/7/365!

Memorial Hospital of Carbon County is excited to present ChartSpan®, a new Chronic Care Management Program designed to provide care coordination services to our Medicare patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

This unique program will provide you with a personalized care plan focused on achieving your long-term health goals, and can help with medications, scheduling appointments, arranging transportation, and even setting up meal services. ChartSpan® also allows you to send messages directly to your providers regarding questions about your healthcare, requests for records, and help with prescription refills or finding discounts for pricy medications.

As part of the program, a member of our team will call you once a month to check-in, and encourages you to call us whenever needed. Though enrollment in the ChartSpan® Program is not required, it is highly recommended as a support system with the goal of keeping you healthier by staying in touch between appointments!

Call us today at 307-459-2563 for more information about the ChartSpan® Chronic Care Management Program and find out how you can get enrolled!