Memorial Hospital of Carbon County proudly offers a comprehensive range of advanced cardiac care capabilities including emergency care, diagnostic testing, cardiology and pulmonary specialty services, and therapeutic care related to a full range of cardiovascular conditions. Fortunately, 80% of coronary heart disease is preventable, and we’re here to help you find ways to manage your risk!

For more information about our cardiac services visit or call 307-324-2221.

Meet Lincoln Westfall, DO

“We can reduce our risk of heart disease in a number of ways, such as limiting sugar/carb intake, eating plenty of healthy fats and vegetables, avoiding toxins like nicotine, and getting enough exercise. As a physician, I believe in helping people address the root causes and risks of heart disease in order to live a heart healthy life. Doing so can not only extend our lifespans but also greatly improve our energy and quality of life now.”

– Lincoln Westfall, DO

Meet Chere Bohr, FNP

“Love and life in one symbol, the heart. I believe that sharing heart health education is a way to celebrate our love for human kind. Working at MHCC, I get to do this every day, and that’s just one of the reasons why I’m proud to work here. We’re a family, and we care about our communities and the people in them. The fact is that most heart disease and strokes are preventable, which is why I believe in educating and guiding people towards healthier living.”

– Chere Bohr, FNP