We love hearing stories of great care from our patients!

We have a number of ways for you to share your testimony, designed to give you the flexibility of telling your story in as much detail or as simplistically as you want!

Testimonial Submission Options

  1. Social Media Testimonial: Your story is shared on the MHCC Facebook Page, Instagram Page, and local community pages in a simple format that includes your written statement and name. This simply requires you contacting the MHCC Marketing Department, via email or phone, to give permission for us to publish your testimony and gather the information you want included.
  2. Stories of Great Care Ad Campaign: This option gives you the ability to tell your entire story and includes photography of you and your provider, all compiled into a final format that is used as part of Memorial Hospital of Carbon County’s advertising! The ad is shared in local newspapers, social media, and placed on the MHCC website.

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“Memorial Hospital of Carbon County Saved My Life!”

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