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“This is the best team I could ask for! Thanks again to everyone who has provided me with such great care!”

“When it came to making a decision about having shoulder surgery, Dr. Allred and Bob Keel ensured I understood the entire process, and addressed any questions I had.”

“Dr. Allred performed a robotic assisted total knee replacement and within a couple of hours of surgery I was up and walking, and my pain was gone!”

“I underwent major surgery at MHCC. The willingness of the staff to go above and beyond to ensure my every need was met was incredible!”

“I underwent a total knee replacement at MHCC. When I talk about my surgery, I tell everyone that I had the best care!”

“Dr. Allred and his team were so friendly and helpful. They made my carpel tunnel surgery and recovery a seamless process!”

“The staff in short staywere wonderfulthroughout my paintreatment procedure!”

“I had a total shoulderreplacement at MHCC, and myentire experience was wonderful!”

“We have relied on MHCC Health Center – Platte Valley for primary care, cardiac care, and much more, and they’ve always been exceptional!”

“The surgical and short stay staff were very professional and caring before, during and after my surgery!”

“My husband was seen forabdominal pain, and everyone who helped us was so wonderful!”

“The MHCC Wound Care Clinic helped me heal! I would recommend them to anyone.”

“When my daughter tore her ACL, we opted for a new surgical technique offered at MHCC!”

“My knee scope surgery was a success, and gave me quality of life again!”

“I chose MHCC for my carpal tunnel surgery and received excellent care!”

“Dr. Allred wasthe right choice tosurgically repair my left leg.”

“I am absolutely grateful for the care this hospital provided!”

“Choosing the Pain Management Clinic was the best decision ever!”

“For my surgery, I chose a medical team close to home.”

“I needed help ASAP, so I trusted MHCC.”

“Memorial Hospital of Carbon County Gave Me My Life Back!”

“Memorial Hospital of Carbon County Saved My Life!”

“Memorial Hospital of Carbon County Got Me Back on My Feet!”