Leading the Area in Advanced Imagery

The radiology team is an integral part of Memorial Hospital of Carbon County (MHCC).

Our highly trained and experienced team offers multiple services and collaborates with almost every department and specialty to serve our patients.

Our services include:

  • 3D Mammography
  • Nuclear medicine
  • DEXA bone density imaging
  • X-ray: all general x-rays from head to toe.
  • Ultrasound: vascular studies, obstetrics, abdomen, pelvic, breast and biopsies.
  • MRI: brain, spine, upper and lower extremities, MR arthrograms, MRAs and MRCPs.
  • CT: CTAs, trauma and routine diagnostic, and bone density scans.
  • Digital mammography: screening and diagnostic mammograms, and breast needle localization.
  • Therapeutic spine injections.
  • Fluoroscopy: upper and lower gastrointestinal studies, needle injections and arthrograms.

GE 3D Mammography™

Memorial Hospital of Carbon County encourages women to start having mammograms at age 40, or younger, depending on family history, current symptoms, or other potential risk factors for developing breast cancer.

When it comes to women’s health, the fact is that mammography is the single most effective method of screening for breast cancer. At MHCC, we utilize GE 3D Mammography testing, which is a fast, non-invasive type of breast imaging that uses a low-dose of x-rays to examine the breast for abnormalities. Often times, a mammogram plays a vital role in the detection of breast cancer, sometimes showing changes in breasts up to two years before patients or physicians can physically detect them!

We also want to remind women that wellness screening mammograms are covered at 100% by ALL insurance companies, so we encourage taking advantage of this service at no cost!

Why put off until tomorrow the preventive measures you can take today?

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine is used to study organ and tissue function, allowing a provider to capture highly-focused images of the thyroid, heart and arteries, gastric system, kidneys, bones and other internal systems.

This state-of-the-art technique offers a safe, painless, and cost-effective method of gathering in-depth details about the body.

DEXA Bone Density Imaging

DEXA bone density imaging measures the bone, fat, or muscle in the body.

This type of imaging can help identify bone density concerns that may lead to conditions such as osteoporosis or osteopenia. It can also be used to determine overall body fat percentage and its distribution to each region of the body.

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Our radiology teams work with patients of all ages. We look forward to serving your imaging needs.

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