A dual failure within the hydronic heating system has been identified as the cause of recent closures for multi-departments within Memorial Hospital of Carbon County.

Cator Ruma and Associates, a leading, regional engineering firm, has completed a full analysis of the facility.  Findings confirmed that occurrences on two separate occasions, resulting in mass water leaks and internal damage, stemmed from malfunctions within system air handlers and automation system controls, allowing certain pipes to freeze and cause leaks in the ductwork.

HVAC and boiler specialists have also been consulted to provide hospital officials with critical information needed to make a plan of correction and determine a time line for re-opening departments and services.

All necessary precautions are being taken to ensure the facility is prepared to continue excellence in patient care.  MHCC is working with water remediation specialists and will be performing air and environmental sampling.

The continuation of business operations will be aided by the facilities strong financial standing.  The quick actions and teamwork of MHCC staff minimized water damage and is continuing to play a role in facilitating clean-up and repairs.