“When my daughter tore her ACL, we opted for a new surgical technique offered at MHCC!”

– KJ Jenkins

My daughter tore her ACL while at a dance competition in Rock Springs. We met with Dr. Allred who told us about a new option called the BEAR procedure which allows for quicker recovery. Due to the logistics of the procedure however, the surgery needed to take place at Memorial Hospital of Carbon County.

I was nervous because Rawlins is so small, but when we arrived, we were put right at ease! The receptionist was kind and friendly and admission staff were fantastic!

We met with the surgical team ahead of time, including the nurses, anesthesiologist, and doctor, all of whom were very friendly and knowledgeable. Both the anesthesiologist and doctor took the time to speak with us after the surgery to let us know how everything went.

We have been very pleased with the entire experience at MHCC!

Last, the hospital is clean and quiet.