“Choosing the Pain Management Clinic was the best decision ever!”

– Lisa Engstrom

In March 2020, Lisa Engstrom (right) suddenly started experiencing an extremely painful burning sensation in her back and hip whenever she put any weight on her right leg. The results of a CT scan and MRI showed a badly ruptured disc in her lower back.

“The idea of surgery really scared me,” Lisa says. “When the neurosurgeon told me that injections were an option, I began to ask around to see what was available in Rawlins. That’s when I discovered the Pain Management Clinic at Memorial Hospital of Carbon County.”

Lisa was initially very nervous about having injections, but Adam Crawford (left) and the Pain Management team went out of their way to make her feel comfortable. “I felt completely relaxed,” Lisa says. “So much so that I was laughing even when the team was prepping me to have needles stuck in my back!”

Today, Lisa is completely pain free in her lower back and right leg. “I am forever grateful to the Pain Management team for giving me my quality of life back,” she says. “Everyone I have ever encountered at Memorial Hospital of Carbon County has been so incredibly kind and compassionate. And it is so nice that I don’t have to travel 100 miles or more to have these injections. Choosing the Pain Management Clinic was the best decision ever!”