After nearly two months of interrupted services, Memorial Hospital of Carbon County is preparing to resume surgical services.

The COVID-19 Pandemic forced healthcare facilities to temporarily cancel surgical procedures for patient safety and conservation of limited PPE (Personal Protection Equipment.)

MHCC’s COVID-19 Steering Committee has developed a strategic plan utilizing the team’s expertise as well as guidance from CMS (The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services,) the U.S. Surgeon General, State of Wyoming authorities, and multiple other industry professionals to ensure facility readiness and superior patient care.

Surgeries will be reintroduced in stages as identified by MHCC and State and County health officials in order to minimize further spread of COVID-19. Strict pre-operative processes will be in place to monitor patient health prior to the scheduled procedure.

Elective outpatient surgical procedures are scheduled to resume May 14th, 2020. Please contact Memorial Hospital of Carbon County General Surgery Clinic or Orthopedic Clinic at 307-324-6022 to learn more.