MHCC has temporarily closed its operating room and a portion of its medical/surgical unit due to multiple water leaks.

The hospital and its Emergency Department remain open and continue to accept patients while authorized personnel work to address the issue. Inpatient care was not impacted by the incident and individuals with scheduled surgical procedures have been notified.

“Patient safety and quality of care are our top priority and we will continue to carefully evaluate the needs of each patient to ensure they receive the appropriate care,” said CEO Ken Harman. “While occasional infrastructure challenges are common for facilities like ours, we are working diligently to restore the hospital to full operation and minimize any disruption for patients and staff.”

Built in 1971, MHCC has engaged outside experts to conduct a thorough analysis of all facility systems and address any outstanding issues related to this incident.

The water leaks are unrelated to the February 4 incident, which occurred when an employee accidentally bumped a sprinkler head causing it to release a large amount of water from an interior water line. That incident, which was confined to single patient care area, has since been resolved.