At Memorial Hospital of Carbon County, we’re proud of our extraordinary surgical team. Our highly-trained experts represent a wide variety of surgical specialties, from general surgery to orthopedics, gastrology, ENT care and more!

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Meet Darin Allred, MD

“I love helping patients fix what is wrong. Surgery can be challenging but seeing someone throw a ball or ride a snowmobile after I fixed them makes it all worth while. I love the fact that I get to work with the patients in Rawlins. They are wonderful patients and they make the travel to get here worth it!”

– Darin Allred, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon

Meet Bob Keel, PA-C

“I have the great opportunity to be part of the orthopedic services team at Memorial Hospital of Carbon County. I find great joy in helping people in pain and need to come to us to get high level care and get better! This high level of care is due to the orthopedic clinic team, the surgery team, and Dr. Darin Allred. Being able to provide care to both the residents of the Platte Valley and the Rawlins area gives me the opportunity to meet the great people that we have here in the county, and brings me great joy!”

– Bob Keel, PA-C