Stress testing involves performing a non-invasive scan that allows your provider to assess the function and blood flow of the heart at rest and after stress by injecting a radioactive tracer and taking images using a gamma camera. This test helps your provider decide the need for further treatment or the appropriate surgery for your heart condition.

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Meet Cassandra Gier

“Being a Rawlins native working at MHCC is more than just a job. This is how I can give back to the community where my family and I live. Adding new imaging services will provide our community with the ability to get studies done close to home without the unpredictable and sometimes dangerous travel of having to go out of town. I am proud to be able to provide exceptional radiology care and be part of the MHCC team!”

– Cassandra Gier, RT (R, M, CT), Radiology Supervisor

Meet Macy Hill

“As a rural Carbon County resident I am happy to say that the radiology department has added new services that will make it more convenient for local residents. These services are great additions to serving the community’s healthcare needs. As a Radiology technologist, I was excited to further my training and learn more about Nuclear Medicine. I love working in the Radiology Department here at MHCC to better serve Carbon County!”

– Macy Hill, RT (R, M), Radiology Technologist

Meet Courtney Ewing

“My passion has always been healthcare, and being able to assist patients with their diagnostic imaging needs has been so rewarding. I am so excited to add to the list of wonderful services we can provide for our community. I truly am grateful that I get to work with the amazing people of carbon county every day.”

– Courtney Ewing, Ancillary Service Coordinator