Your Wellness Means Your Family’s Well-Being!

As a woman, you are always caring for others. Now, let MHCC care for you!

At Memorial Hospital of Carbon County, we believe in providing women with comprehensive healthcare for every season of their life.

As a young woman, finding time to make annual wellness visits a top priority is extremely important. Yearly breast exams and pap smears will help you and your provider establish a detailed understanding of your body and your specific healthcare needs from an early age. As you get older and your body grows and changes, MHCC can also help you plan for your future and your continued health and well-being. From adolescence to menopause, and every special moment in between, our experts are here to help.

We’d especially like to remind all women that wellness screening mammograms are vital, and are covered at 100% by ALL insurance companies, so we encourage insured individuals to take advantage of this service at no cost! Additionally, we have once again received grant funding from the Wyoming Breast Cancer Association, and can therefore also assist qualified uninsured and underinsured women in receiving this lifesaving screening!

For all of your health needs including annual wellness exams, birth control, preventive screenings and much more, Memorial Hospital of Carbon County has you covered!

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