Highway to Health provides our patients with a health partnership for life!

Most of us are healthy and live full lives. Nevertheless, at times we pause and wonder if there might be a hidden threat or potentially dangerous health condition we should know about. Early detection and intervention are critical. We all remember having regular physicals starting at school age and continuing on and off through our adult lives. We know we need check-ups and to stay current on immunizations.

Highway to Health is our version of offering you a wide spectrum of periodic health screening services for a very competitive price. These services are often covered by the yearly wellness benefit of most health insurance plans and are not subject to deductions. We recommend you check with your insurance provider. This service is available to all those between the ages of 18 to 64.

Once you are registered in the Highway to Health program, you will receive reminders about needed examinations and immunizations. MHCC will contact you periodically to support your progress towards personal health goals. Highway to Health is offering you a health partnership for life.

We also understand that some of us are very uncomfortable with certain parts of a physical examination. You may opt out of the parts with which you are uncomfortable. We will explain to you the reason for the recommended examination and completely respect your choice to opt out.

We appreciate you choosing Memorial Hospital of Carbon County for your healthcare needs. We are excited to have you join the Highway to Health Program!

For more information please email highwaytohealth@imhcc.com or call us today! 307-324-8494